Numbness in the right leg


If it is because of sugar: WILD ROSE.

If there is no sugar problem, then it means there is no proper circulation.

Do Pancha (five) Mudras (CHIN Mudra, CHINMAYA Mudra, ADI Mudra, MERU Mudra and POORNA Mudra) or VIPARTHI KARANI Asana.

Take the remedies, ELM, OAK, OLIVE (for heart also) and HORNBEAM.

Numbness: HORNBEAM is for starting problem. Numbness indicates Hornbeam. Therefore, when you get numbness, you can start immediately taking Hornbeam.

Bio salts to be taken for numbness – CALCI.PHOS, MAG PHOS and KALI PHOS – each 6x. Three tablets three times a day.

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Have a tummy


My problem is tummy. It looks like 5 months pregnant lady. Kindly help me get rid of it.


You have to do yoga. Learn and do it.

Feel very tired after work


I feel very tired daily after work and cannot cook. Hence, food intake is haphazard. Also I can’t seem to find time to exercise though I want to do so to increase my stamina.


Do Pranayama regularly.



The Bach Flower Remedy ROCK WATER will restore the disrupted energy flow.

Find a Good Life Partner


This yoga seems to be good and it works also.

Can u give me the yoga for relationships like finding good life partner?


Do Bharadvajasana.

Chinese Exercise for Abundance

Whenever Revathy is in need of money, she will do the Chinese exercise for abundance a few times. Immediately she gets the required money.

Procedure to do the Exercise

Right hand palm facing up, while Left hand palm facing down. Push the right hand up as though you are doing a weight lifting. Push the left hand downwards as though you are pushing something down. Do it three times. Chant ‘Find Count Now’, for each push one word – first push ‘Find’, second push ‘Count’ and for third push ‘Now’.

Switch hands by keeping the left hand up and right hand down. Repeat the exercise.

Do the above few times.


Feel Safe and Secure

Viji aged 40 years approached Shobana to teach her yoga.

Viji had major financial issues. Eagerly, she was expecting her share from ancestral property. However, her brothers denied her share.

Along with her regular practice, she did Trikona Asana (Triangle Pose) five times each and twice a day. Within a month, her brothers promised her to give her due share, without her fighting in any way for her rights in the property.

Trikona Asana activates the Root Chakra otherwise know as Muladhara Chakra, which is one of the seven chakras of our Pranic Body. It provides safety and stability in our lives.


The above material is an extract from Mudra Class conducted by Naran S. Balakumar on Feb 14th, 2009. Please click the link to see the class material:

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